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GKA Kuljetuslaukku Polaris 850,1000 High Lifter

Hinta 229,00 184,68

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his box is made in the same style as SPORTSMAN 850 HIGH LIFTER and SPORTSMAN XP 1000 HIGH LIFTER EDITION quads and mounts on these models only. In designing, all of the rear rack features have been taken into account, to ensure that the box integrates perfectly with the rack, does not protrude beyond the rack sides and does not hinder driver’s movements. The set includes fasteners that fixate easily in the designated hole on the luggage compartment. Installation takes less than 30 seconds and does not require extra tool. High-quality locks allow enjoying the off-road trip without worrying about the safety of personal items. Rubber gasket set on the lid keeps items protected from dust and water, even under most extreme conditions of use. The ribbing increases durability and sturdiness of the box, and perfectly blends within overall design of the quad. The box has a capacity of 50 litres. The 5-litre jerry can designed for this box conforms the shape of the box lid for a perfect fit. You can mount up to 2 jerry cans on the box. Complete set: - 4 quick-release fasteners; - 2 metal locks with keys. Weight: 6.75 kg L x W x H: 1250?580?250 mm Volume: 50 liters


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