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Abus Jarrulevylukko Victory X-Plus 68 Half bolt

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You can protect your motorbike against theft thanks to the GRANIT™ Victory XPlus 68 brake disc lock. It all starts with the design. Its rounded form makes it difficult for thieves to get a hold on the GRANIT™ Victory XPlus 68. The 14mm locking bolt made from extra-hardened steel makes a clear statement about who your bike belongs to (also available with a half bolt head where the distance to the fork is particularly small). An ABUS XPlus cylinder offers protection against lock-picking attacks. And because chaining it up is better than just locking it up, the GRANIT™ Victory XPlus 68 is also available as a chain combination. The LED torch key and a Memory Cable that provides a clever reminder to remove the GRANIT™ Victory XPlus 68 before starting are also included in the scope of delivery. 14 mm steel bolt Excellent grip thanks to the rubberised ring The bolt, lock body and supporting elements of the locking mechanism are made of specially hardened steel The round shape hinders the use of opening tools ABUS XPlus cylinder for exceptionally high levels of protection against manipulation attempts such as picking Two keys are included in the scope of delivery, one of which is an LED torch key ABUS Code Card for additional and replacement keys A Memory Cable that acts as a reminder against accidentally driving away with the motorbike still locked is included in the scope of delivery. With the “Roll Up” version, it is integrated into the bolt Weight:\t740 g Security Level Motorbike:\t16 Locking bolt:\t14 mm Locking type:\tkey

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